Aleksandra Sudmalis

Dear Friends,
Many of you would recall from 1980 and 1990 at Christ the Saviour Cathedral the oldest member of our parish, the handmaid of God
Aleksandra Sudmalis.
Mrs. Sudmalis passed away peacefully, at her home as per her wishes, on Wednesday July 18, before noon in the the presence of an Orthodox priest, family member, friend and the nurse.

Please, let others know. Keep her in your prayers.
I would like to share with you all that Mrs. Sudmalis was reciting the Lord's prayer every night in Russian, and this Easter's seasons we sung Christ is Risen hymn 3 times.
Here is the link to the funeral arrangements:
Aleksandra Sudmalis | Toronto | York Cemetery & Funeral Centre

Icon of the Mother of God “Support to the Humble” left yesterday our Cathedral

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We are sorry to inform you that miraculous Icon of the Mother of God “Support to the Humble” left yesterday our Cathedral.
We believe that everything is in God’s hands.
We humbly thank the Holy Virgin for visiting our church. And we pray for Her next visit to Toronto.

Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God "Support to the Humble" will visit Christ the Saviour Cathedral from May 19th to May 27th, 2018.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God "Support to the Humble" from the St.Vvedensky Monastery of Holy Presentation of the Blessed Virgin in Kiev will visit our Cathedral in May from 19th to 27th.

Holy icone will be available for worship in Cathedral everyday from 10 AM.

You could book individual prayer service; leave a note with names for commemoration; consecrate crosses and icons; make any donations and the most important - to participate in common Church prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos and Her icon "Support to the Humble".

*At 31th August the Capital of Russia met the wonderworking icon of the Blessed Virgin, named "Support to the Humble" ("Prizri na smirenie"). The Icon of the Mother of God "Support to the Humble" appeared in the year 1420 in the Pskov lands at Stony Lake. The Kiev icon "Support to the Humble " is a copy of XIX century.
In autumn 1992 this Icon was handed over to the St.Vvedensky Monastery of Holy Presentation of the Blessed Virgin in Kiev by schema-monastic Pheodora (+ 1994). The Icon has at once attracted the attention of believers by its extraordinary beauty and bright colors. People were praying before this Icon for hours.
But one day hegumen Damian, the abbot of community, noticed that the Icon, that was placed into the wooden frame under glass, become darker. When the glass was removed, they've revealed that the bright colors of the Icon have not changed, but on the reverse side of the glass appeared a non-hand-made silvery imprint, exactly repeating the image of Mother of God and a Child.
Soon appeared wonders, working from the icon - first of them was a miraculous healing of the pregnant woman from hepatitis, that was a death threat to the baby carried in her womb.
The Icon was placed in Danilovsky Monastery in Moscow. At 18th September the priests of our parish were blessed to hold a public prayer (molebin) in the St. Troitsky Cathedral (of Holy Trinity) of Donskoy Monastery before the Wonderworking icon. Molebin with acathistus has been hold with a great inspiration. Most of the praying people were the parishioners of our church, despite that people are constantly coming to the icon.

Christmas services 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters!
Greetings for the upcoming feast of Christmas, the birth of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ!
It is special honour to host this celebratory feast with the presence of our Archbishop Irénée.
January 6th, Saturday
10 am - Episcopal Liturgy.
5 pm - Episcopal Christmas Eve Vespers and Matins,
followed by a Christmas Eve lenten dinner,
everyone welcome
January 7th, Sunday,
10 am - Regular Christmas Liturgy,
followed by a Christmas concert, pageant with coffee hour, gifts for children.
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