Parish Newsletter - 100th Anniversary Edition

Newsletter of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Toronto

  • Preparations for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Parish
  • The Jubilee edition of the "History of the Cathedral. 1915-2015"
  • Maintenance, repair and renovation of the Cathedral building
  • Cultural life of the parish
  • Service Schedule

    Preparations for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Parish

    Active preparations for this remarkable event in the life of our Parish began over a year ago. With the blessing of the church Rector, Fr.Vasily, under the leadership of the Parish Council and Warden Vladimir Kolomitsev many large and small projects have been successfully completed or are in the final stages of completion.

  • Over the course of the last year, a number of major restoration and repair jobs have been completed in a building built in the late nineteenth century: exterior walls have undergone major repairs, almost all the windows, eaves-troughs and downspouts have been replaced. The roof has been partially repaired and new entrance doors were installed. Through the efforts of the parishioners, numerous water leaks were fixed, pipes were replaced, the boiler and electric wiring fixed. Special tiles ordered from Italian craftsmen were installed on the rooftop Cathedral crosses. Also from Italy, a new mosaic icon of the Christ the Savior was ordered and installed (see. photo). Although there is always more than enough work in a century-old building, the Cathedral has not only gradually acquired a joyous, festive look, but also the building itself has become more durable and comfortable and ready to serve for many years to come.
  • The members of the Parish Council together with the parishioners have been working on preparing the commemorative Jubilee edition of the "History of the Cathedral". Many archive documents and photographs were collected and a large selection will be included into the Jubilee book which will become our legacy for future generations of parishioners.
  • Based on the materials provided by the parishioners, and together with the help of the members of the Parish Council, the priest of the parish Fr.Jeffrey has developed a website dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary.
  • Honourable guests have been officially invited : the clergy, hierarchs, and other VIPs not only from Canada but also from other countries. Their transportation and accommodation have been arranged.
  • The organization of the celebration of the Jubilee banquet is being finalized. The gala celebration will feature professional bilingual (English-Russian) emcees, an entertainment program as well as the official part of the celebration.

    Program of Celebration - Sunday, October 25, 2015.

    9AM Bishop-led liturgy at the Cathedral
    2PM Banquet and gala concert program

    The banquet will take place at: Crystal Grand Banquet Hall. 2110 Dundas Street East, Unit 4. Mississauga, Ontario L4X 1L9.

    Tickets: $ 65 adults, $ 35 for children.

    You can purchase the Banquet tickets at the church kiosk on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM to 1 PM. At the same time you can also pick the seat location at the banquet hall and make a reservation for serving.

    The Jubilee edition of the "History of the Cathedral. 1915-2015"

    To celebrate 100 years of the Parish the special Anniversary Edition of the "History of the Cathedral. 1915-2015" is being published. To help cover printing costs, parishioners and friends of the parish are invited to publish a photo with a congratulatory anniversary message and/or an advertisement. You can order 2-3 lines of text for $100, quarter of a page for $250 or a half page for $500. The price includes a professional photo session. For further details please contact the church kiosk, which is open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9AM to 1PM.

    Maintenance, repair and renovation of the Cathedral building

  • Over the course of the last year the parishioners and visitors to our temple have witnessed massive restoration and reconstruction of the exterior walls of the Cathedral. The western (side of the main entrance), northern (side towards the Church hall), as well as the southern (Follis street side) walls have been completely restored and partially rebuilt using special brick material that matched the original colour. The work is still in progress and soon the eastern wall will also be completed. All this expensive, but absolutely necessary work has become possible only thanks to your generous support and donations. Maintenance and repair costs in 2015 have exceeded $500,000! Please do not forget to donate for the restoration of the Cathderal.
  • Annual fire alarm system inspection of the Cathderal has been completed.
  • All six roof windows have been enforced and insulated against leaks.
  • The brick chimney on the roof of the church has been completely rebuilt.
  • New steps, landing, new walkway and new gate hinges on the south side of the church have been installed.
  • New front doors have been manufactured and installed.
  • A side mosaic window at the staircase to the choirloft has been replaced.
  • The water leaks under the altar have been fixed and new windows installed.
  • The mosaic icon of Christ the Saviour was ordered from Italy and has already been installed at the main entrance, above the front doors.
  • The new washing machine and dryer were installed in the apartment in the church hall.

  • Cultural life of the parish

  • On the last Sunday of August a concert for violin and piano was performed in the Church hall.
  • In May, subdeacons Nikolai and Alexei performed a solo concert for violin and clarinet.
  • In June, the Russian Educational Society of Canada conducted the Russian language test, called the Total Dictation, which occurred simultaneously around the world on that day. The parishioners and guests of our church were among those who took the test.
  • Some of the parishioners have organized a Youth club , called "Spiritual meetings at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Saviour".
  • In July, in the Royal Ontario Museum Byzantine Culture room, the annual thanksgiving prayer service to the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God (XIV century) was conducted with the participation of the choir of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The organizer of the prayer service, our parishioner Corey Keeble also led a tour through the museum.

    A big thank you to all the donors , and all those who took active part in the restoration and maintenance of our church. We still have much to do, so we ask all our parishioners to continue to contribute through donations or personal involvement ! Thank you very much!

    Schedule of Services

    Every Wednesday at 7 pm - Akathist.
    Every Saturday at 10 am - Liturgy.
    Every Saturday at 6 pm - Vigil.
    On Sunday - at 10.15 am - Liturgy, followed by a memorial service.

    Sunday - 25 October - The Bishop-led liturgy dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the parish.

    Big thank you to Valerie Hatten for her help with this translation from Russian